11 convincing reasons to enter business awards

11 convincing reasons to enter business awards
In today’s competitive business environment, we all know that it’s crucial for companies to stand out and demonstrate their unique strengths and achievements. But how do you do this amongst all the noise?

Have you ever thought about entering business awards? And more so, the Bromley Business Awards (The ABBBAs)? Winning a business accolade can bring numerous benefits to a company, ranging from increased exposure and credibility, to improved employee morale and financial rewards.

Here are 11 GREAT reasons why you should demonstrate just how good your business really is… 

  1. Increased visibility & brand recognition
    Entering business awards can boost a company’s visibility and reputation through media coverage and effective social media promotion, which in turn can help attract new customers, investors and partners. It can also enhance a company’s brand image and differentiate it from its competitors, giving it an edge in the marketplace.

  2. Enhanced credibility and reputation
    If you’re a shortlisted nominee or a winner for business awards, it demonstrates industry recognition and validation – great to add to your website, email signatures, social media and blog posts to help reinforce that message.

  3. Benchmarking & performance
    The process of entering business awards usually means it’s a great opportunity to benchmark your company’s performance against industry standards and best practices. The application process often involves self-assessment, which can help a business to identify its strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies for improvement. Business awards can also help motivate companies to push boundaries and develop new ideas and solutions.

  4. Improved morale & top talent magnet
    Winning a business award can provide a significant morale boost for a company’s employees. It can show them that their hard work and dedication are recognised and valued, leading to increased motivation, job satisfaction and loyalty. If you don’t currently employ anyone, winning a business award can help attract top talent; professionals want to work for companies that are recognised as leaders in their field, helping you build a team of highly skilled and motivated individuals.

  5. Access to valuable feedback
    If you’re looking for an outsider’s perspective of your business, you can’t get better than business award judges, who are typically successful in business and know what it takes to succeed. This can help you improve processes and operations. Even if you don’t win, you can still learn valuable lessons from the feedback provided by the judges and other participants.

  6. Opportunities for new business
    Winning an award or being on the shortlist can demonstrate credibility and expertise, which in turn can help open opportunities for new business, collaborations and contracts – a win-win.

  7. Differentiation from competitors
    Having the ability to stand out in the marketplace is crucial to business success and entering business awards is one way of doing that. Even by association, being part of business awards can help you stand out from the crowd and be seen as a success in your own right.

  8. Networking opportunities
    The opportunity to connect with other industry leaders, exchange ideas and form new partnerships is marketing in itself. You’ll get a great insight into the local business community and access to a network of like-minded individuals and organisations, which can provide valuable support and resources.

  9. Recognition & celebration
    If you’re lucky enough to be short-listed or a winner of a business award, it can help reinforce your company’s achievements and successes and go a long way to motivating and inspiring continued growth and innovation.

  10. Increased customer loyalty & retention
    Customers need reassurance and trust when they buy from a company and are more likely to stay with a business that is recognised as a leader in its industry. Likewise, being associated with business awards offers potential investors and stakeholders more confidence, as awards provide third-party validation of a company’s success and potential for future growth.

  11. Community recognition & support
    Business awards can demonstrate a company’s commitment to its local area and its positive impact on society. Businesses that play a part in their local community are supported by those who share the same values, meaning that you’re more likely to be referred to others looking for what you offer.

Entering business awards is an excellent way for companies to showcase their strengths and achievements, differentiate themselves from their competitors and gain recognition for their hard work and dedication as part of their overall marketing and growth strategy.

If you need any more convincing, perhaps one of these testimonials will help…

“How lucky are Bromley businesses?! The Above & Beyond Bromley Business Awards says it all as an amazing recognition for any sized business. I’m truly excited. It’s a must for all to grab this exciting opportunity for entry in what will become “the” award to enter. Well done Lauretta and the team for bringing this long-awaited recognition of hard work – I can’t urge business owners enough – go for it – now!”
Jackie Groundsell, 1230 The Women’s Company

“We have previously entered business awards and won, and it was one of the highlights of my time as a business owner. What was great was not just the recognition (it’s not often you get a pat on the back as a business owner!), but also the chance to celebrate other people’s success too. It’s great to meet lots of likeminded business owners and is a good networking opportunity too.”
Nathan Kelsey, Make Me Local

Isn’t it time for you to shine and show others just how good you are? Take a look at The Above & Beyond Bromley Business Awards (The ABBBAs), to see how to enter – and good luck!